The Greek Actress Who Lied To Everyone Is Back On YouTube

Jessica Lee Rose returns as lonelygirl15

In YouTube's infancy, circa 2006, a teen named Bree went viral for her vlogs under the username lonelygirl15. Her videos started out normal enough, but she soon got caught up in a weird sci-fi plot akin to Divergent.

One year later, in a totally different universe, 19-year-old Jen K. joined Zeta Beta Zeta on ABC Family's (now Freeform's) Greek. Both Bree and Jen K. come from different worlds, but have something huge in common: they were liars, liars, pants on fire.

Turns out, the Jen K. character -- portrayed by actress Jessica Lee Rose -- was really an undercover journalist investigating Greek life. She subsequently published a scathing exposé to take down the sororities and fraternities at the fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University.


You know who else Rose played? Yep, Bree. Four months after the lonelygirl15 vlogs began in June 2006, The Los Angeles Times revealed it's actually a scripted web series; not a real-life girl talking about real-life things. At the time, it was a betrayal just as scandalous as Jen K.'s fictional one on Greek.


Now, exactly a decade after her first staged video, Rose is reprising her role as Bree for a reboot of the lonelygirl15 web series. Last Thursday, June 16, she released a creepy intro video inviting her thousands of followers to continue watching her bizarre journey. It's already been viewed nearly one million times.

"They were always scripted, but we wanted it to feel really authentic and natural," Rose told Cosmopolitan in a recent interview about Bree's return to YouTube. "I would maybe look at [the script] and paraphrase it, or just sort of improv around the lines and adjust them to feel more natural with my own voice. He [writer Mesh Flinders] was really great about that and letting me create Bree alongside him."

Rose's past Jen K. character may be done wreaking havoc on campus, but clearly Bree is far from finished with YouTube. Get ready for whatever craziness she has planned, internet.