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Tyler, The Creator Released A Very Amusing Video For His 'Pillowtalk' Remix

But Zayn won't get in the studio with him

When you're Tyler, the Creator, you just have unreleased songs lying around on your laptop. And some of those songs are remixes to huge hits. And some of those remixes have ridiculous videos.

Enter Tyler's version of Zayn's "Pillowtalk," which Tyler released on Tuesday (June 21) but says he recorded back in March. There's no new verse or anything from the Odd Future member; instead, he's remixed the production.

In the accompanying video, Tyler does what he does — wearing a bright yellow outfit, lip-synching, dancing around. He embodies joy and energy.

He added — maybe jokingly, maybe not — that the reason he and Zayn don't have a song together is because Zayn "flaked" on studio sessions twice. It's never too late, though.

Get in the mood with Tyler's version of "Pillowtalk" below.