'Game Of Crones' Podcast, Episode 9: Some Ol' Dirty Bastards

Plus: Why is Davos so obsessed with shitting?

This week on the podcast "Game of Crones," Rachel Handler, Crystal Bell, and Inkoo Kang battle about the Game of Thrones episode "Battle of the Bastards." Among the questions we grapple with: Why is Jon Snow such a fucking idiot? When are Jon Snow and Sansa going to do it? Why is Davos so obsessed with shitting? (We love it!) Are Dany and Yara going to do it? Was Ramsay's death as satisfying as it could've been? How did Shireen's wooden toy survive being set on fire but Shireen didn't? We also read some emails from "Crones" listeners, worry about who is going to die next week, and talk about old pizza.