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LeBron James Turned To Jay Z For Some NBA Finals Inspiration

H-O-V and M-V-P

After an incredible seven-game series, the NBA Finals came to a close Sunday night with LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy in triumph. LeBron, not surprisingly, looked inspired all series: He had the most points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks across the seven games; he had a triple double in the deciding Game 7; and he was named the unanimous MVP. Some of that inspiration, it seems, came from a Jay Z favorite.

"I just always go back to a Jay Z song, ‘[A] Star Is Born,'" LeBron said on ESPN's SportsCenter after the game last night. "I just always listen to that. I just always stay true to the game. I know what I'm capable of."

Though Bron didn't specifically mention J. Cole, I'm going to group Cole in as part of the inspiration, too, since he's featured on that Hov Blueprint 3 track (with an appearance that remains one of his best guest verses to date). Plus, back in 2010, LBJ called Cole his favorite new artist.

He also invoked Jay during his postgame press conference, though a little less smoothly. "Like Jay Z said, ‘You gotta stay low and keep firing,'" he told the media. That lyric, though, is from The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Kick in the Door."

Hey, it was a long night for the guy. Let's give him a pass.

Jay, meanwhile, a longtime friend of LeBron, was quick to congratulate the champ.

Clap for 'em.