The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Girl Power On Game Of Thrones

'My reign has just begun'

Who run the world Westeros and Essos? GIRLS. Sunday night's (June 19) penultimate Season 6 episode, "Battle of the Bastards," proved once and for all that girls rule, boys drool.

Before we get into it, a spoiler warning from young Sansa Stark:


Yeah, Sansa's all grown-up now. Jon Snow actually, seriously knew NOTHING during this episode, but she knew Ramsay Bolton better than anyone. She let the dogs out -- who?! who?! -- and now he's rotting away in a dog's stomach. Yay karma!

Then there was Daenerys Targaryen, who finally got her pet dragons to incinerate all the men who wronged her.

Yara Greyjoy and her also bonded over sexual tensions and their mutual desire to rule.

Lyanna Mormont didn't even have a single line of dialogue, yet she slayed everyone with one fierce glance.

Anna Kendrick summed it up best, really.