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Gigi Hadid Wore More Outfits In A Single Night Than Most People Wear In A Week

On a Sunday, no less

For many people, Sunday is a day a rest, a day of as few outfit changes as possible. Gigi Hadid is not most people, though, and managed to squeeze in six different looks to her time as host of the 2016 Much Music Video Awards.

Yes, while the rest of us were watching Game 7 of the NBA Finals or ignoring so many tweets about it, Gigi was hosting an awards show and constantly changing her clothing and hair.

Behold her many changes and allow them to inspire the wardrobe for all of your future weekends.

  • Red Power Suit
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    Gigi started her evening off looking like the boss she is in a bright red Mugler suit. The slits in the front of her pants made sure her lower legs got plenty of breeze, a necessity for any host.

  • Marching Band Leader Lite
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    By the time she hit the stage, Gigi had already changed, though she kept the blazer-sans-shirt vibe that was working so well.

  • Prints On Prints
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    Once things were underway, Gigi changed into something a little more casual — a printed crop top and pants from Uel Camilo. She also debuted a cascading braid, which would put Elsa to shame.

  • Matching Mint
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    Shortly after, she emerged with a new 'do — a braided bun! — and a mint ~lewk~ from August Getty Atelier. I aspire to start wearing coats like this one day soon.

  • Short And Sparkly
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    Next, ya girl changed into her first dress of the evening, a sequined number from Alexandre Vauthier. She also, believe it or not, changed her hair again, into a low ponytail. How?? HOW?

  • Something Only Gigi Hadid Could Pull Off
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    Gigi closed the show in a black, lace-up neoprene romper — also from Alexandre Vauthier — which, honestly, is the only way to end your first hosting gig.