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Zayn Is Literally Smoking Hot On His Latest Magazine Cover

Naturally, it's the 'SEXY' issue

Zayn is back on another cover, and this time might be his sexiest shoot yet. For the summer issue of Paper magazine, Zayn rips off his shirt, smokes (vapes?), and wears a Balmain jacket with nothin' underneath for the mag's SEXY issue.

While Paper is definitely pushing the sexy vibes of the shoot, going as far as referring to him as "Sexy Zayn" on the cover, they seemed to have missed a glaring opportunity to use the word "zexy" throughout. But alas, we can move on knowing Zayn looks very good in the aforementioned photos.

As for his looks, the topic of Zayn's facial hair is something that continues to come up. He's told reporters that he wasn't allowed to grow a beard during his time in One Direction, but as of late it seems clear that the beard is here to stay.

"Facial hair was a weird thing," he told the mag. "I think it's 'cause I just looked old. And they didn't like that. [And] I always wanted a beard! I think every dude does when they're young. Seeing Al Pacino in Carlito's Way — I needed the goatee after that. I was like, ‘I wanna be Al Pacino.' I've always been obsessed with that, and I had to shave it off. I used to get a bit sad."

With or without beard, the world still loves you, Z.

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