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Taylor Swift's Ex And His Sneakers Pledge Allegiance To Team Kanye

Or maybe it was just a coincidence (LOL, JK)

After scrubbing her existence from his Instagram and unfollowing her on Twitter, Calvin Harris has moved into a new phase of dealing with his Taylor Swift breakup — pledging allegiance to Team Kanye.

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Yesterday, one day after Taylor was photographed canoodling Tom Hiddleston on some rocks, and the same day Kim Kardashian accused Taylor of lying about her knowledge of Kanye's controversial song "Famous," Calvin decided to wear his Yeezy Boost 350s to the gym.

Sure, it could totally be a coincidence, but considering he hasn't worn the sneakers since part 9,283,929 of the Taylor-Kanye feud kicked off in February, it seems, uh, a little suspicious.

To quote Calvin following Taylor's brother's ostentatious disposal of his Yeezys, "LOOOOOOOOOOL."