Eric Matthews From Boy Meets World Is Still Giving Advice As Plays With Squirrels

Mr. Squirrels is wiser than Mr. Feeny

Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) from Boy Meets World joined Twitter nearly two years ago, giving his "Plays With Squirrels" persona a new home. Let's take a sec to revisit this hilarious character, shall we?

You first met Squirrels in Season 6's "Seven the Hard Way," where the gang travels seven years into the future -- to 2006, LOL -- to see what they'll be like at Mr. Feeny's retirement party. Eric ended up moving to the wilderness, marrying a moose, and becoming a hermit named Plays With Squirrels.

Well, this hermit is wiser than you remember. Friedle started a #WednesdayWisdomWithMrSquirrels hashtag, and he gives advice that rivals Mr. Feeny's. Here's his first tidbit, a lesson he picked up during his adventures drinking his own urine.

The tweets continue for the next two years. Check out some of our favorites below.

Wise indeed.