'Skillset,' Episode 7: Michael Shannon Talks The Talking Heads

Plus: David Copperfield waves his wand over Hollywood, and getting science-y about Finding Dory

Greetings, earthlings. It's the final episode of the first season of "Skillset." Over the last seven episodes, we’ve learned so much about tornadoes and Elvis and wigs and poker and broken hearts and punk rock and cat trainers and marathon running and jazz. (Meanwhile, we here at MTV have been learning how to put together this crazy show.) We’ll be back soon with a whole new school bus of smart people, but first, let’s close out Season 1 with the very first "Skillset" interview I ever taped: It's my favorite actor Michael Shannon on his favorite band, Talking Heads. Also up: magician David Copperfield waves his wand over Hollywood, we'll travel 7,000 miles to find the real Batman, and then we'll science-y about the new Pixar film, Finding Dory, and find out the truth about fish intelligence. That thing about goldfish having a three-second memory? A huge, huge lie.

Season 2 of "Skillset" will start shortly. Follow @MTVPodcasts to keep up with it and all of our shows — I wouldn’t want you missing a single great episode of "The Stakes," or "North Mollywood," or "Speed Dial with Ira and Doreen." Till we meet again — soon, very soon.