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Beyoncé’s Sexy Lemonade Ballad Actually Has Nothing To Do With Jay Z

Here's the real story

On Lemonade, Beyoncé takes us through a complex journey of broken relationships, which immediately prompted divorce and infidelity rumors about her and Jay Z. One of the most devastating examples of her emotional tour de force is “Love Drought,” a ballad in which Bey explores the idea of forgiveness. Together, she sings, they can move a mountain, calm a war, make it rain ... but you know what? None of those things actually have squat to do with Jay Z. Or with any couple’s relationship, for that matter.

So says songwriter Ingrid Burley in a new interview with Genius, during which she reveals the surprising inspiration (that Beyoncé herself doesn’t even know about) behind “Love Drought.” Burley, a family friend who grew up with Beyoncé in Houston, says the song isn’t about Bey trying to repair her trust with Jay, but about Burley’s complicated history with Parkwood Entertainment.

Burley claims that some of the company’s higher-ups lied to her, telling her Beyoncé wasn’t listening to any new music, even though Burley heard them talking about notes that Bey gave to another Parkwood artist. She was “so pissed” about being lied to that she churned out the song in just 30 minutes, writing lyrics about feeling betrayed and about her intense relationship with music.

“The only way that I could really get over it was like, ‘She’s gonna sing the song I wrote about her label one day,'” Burley admitted.

Damn ... Beyoncé was right: Best revenge is your paper.