Blake Lively's Go-To Outfit Is Just Shoes — But Expensive Shoes

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In between inadvertently causing a stir on social media and filming three movies (oh, and getting pregnant — congrats!), Blake Lively found a sliver of time in her schedule to put on some Alexander McQueen and shoot a cover for Marie Claire.

Beau Grealy/Marie Claire

While Blake dishes on Ryan Reynolds and her daughter, it's (perhaps more) important to note what she considers to be her "go-to outfit," which she described in a behind-the-scenes video.

"I think as long as I have a great pair of heels and a good handbag, you can wear jeans, t-shirt, nice coat, whatever," she explained before cutting to the case. "My go-to outfit is a great pair of Louboutins."

Yes, same, relatable, etc.

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