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YG Is Still Brazy, But Getting Shot Changed Him

The L.A. native's sophomore album is out now

Almost exactly one year ago, YG was shot in the hip while at a recording studio in Los Angeles. It was a frightening incident that not only informed the music on his new album, Still Brazy, available on Apple Music today, but made him reassess the way he moves.

"YG ain't the same YG no more," he said this week during an interview with Hot 97. "The homies will tell you that. I used to be with all the shenanigans. [I was like], ‘Whatever, what's going on? Let's do it.' It ain't like that no more."

That's not to say that his music doesn't still have the sort of hardened, territorial qualities that he's developed both in his years as an artist and growing up in Los Angeles. Just listen to his new album for proof.

You can stream Still Brazy, which features appearances from Drake, Lil Wayne, Nipsey Hussle, and more, below.