Brandon Baker's Favorite Johnny Tsunami Memory Involves A Bungee Cord And A Snowmobile

The star speaks to Disney Channel about the classic DCOM

Johnny Tsunami turns 17 this year, but star Brandon Baker still looks like the kid every '90s girl crushed on back in the day — minus the longer hair. To help celebrate the huge Disney Channel Original Movie marathon that continues all through this month, the network caught up with Baker, now 31, and asked him to name his favorite memory during filming.

Unsurprisingly, Baker loved the "snowboard days" — getting to play on the slopes and ride all day. But since traveling down a mountain for a shot and then having to take the lift back to the top was time-consuming, the filmmakers had to get creative.

"They put basically bungee cords at the end of, like, snowmobiles," Baker said in a video for Disney Channel's Facebook page. "And we'd ride, like, board, up the mountain behind the snowmobile."

If seeing what Baker looks like now has you wondering what he's been up to, he's still acting, though he did take a five-year break to attend the University of California Santa Barbara. According to IMDb, his most recent role was as an accountant in the Christmas movie Up on the Wooftop, and before that, he starred in The Formula.

But no matter what other projects Baker takes part in, he still proudly remembers his DCOM roots and is happy to strike a pose with his Disney dad, Yuji Okumoto.

H/T @DisneyDCOM