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Zayn Malik Is A Designer Now, Apparently

Who knew?

In May, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid made their red carpet debut together at a very fashionable event — the Met Gala. Though it was also his first Met Gala, Zayn managed to make major waves with his sleeves of armor, easily the most memorable accessories to appear on the steps of the museum. A bold choice for a Met Gala rookie.

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In his new Dazed cover story, Zayn reveals that he was more involved in the creation of those bad boys than we thought -- because, he says, he designed them:

I was asked to design my own costume by Donatella Versace! It was cool. I had seen a few people hitting me online, saying negative things about it. But I enjoyed it because they were saying I looked like a dude from Mortal Kombat, and it was actually based on a character (from the video game series), called Jax. He had metal arms, and the theme was technology, so I just took it from him ... It's a bit easy to just dress up in a suit. I like to do things that are a bit outside of that.

Damn, maybe Zayn has more up his (metal) sleeves than we realized? We would not be opposed to seeing that beautiful face on gigantic billboards, just sayin'. (Looking at you, Donatella.)