Chance The Rapper Loves Death Cab For Cutie More Than You Do

🚨 Unlikely-but-probably-awesome collaboration alert! 🚨

Fresh off releasing what’s quite possibly the happiest mixtape in history, Chance The Rapper is revealing his true colors: He’s actually a sensitive, tortured soul who cries to sad indie songs, just like you and me.

At least, that’s what we’re forced to assume after learning the Coloring Book MC is a big fan of indie rockers Death Cab for Cutie. The proof is in the pics, which the band’s guitarist Dave Depper shared on Instagram, writing, β€œChance the Rapper: incredibly nice dude, and huge Death Cab fan. Who knew?”

Chance linked up with the band backstage at Bonnaroo over the weekend, where he apparently convinced them to scrap β€œLittle Wanderer” from their set list and replace it with the endlessly depressing ballad β€œI Will Follow You Into the Dark.” It’s a surprising swap coming from the dude who you can practically hear smile through your headphones, but hey ... everyone needs a good sob session once in awhile, Chance included.

As for how this unlikely new friendship pans out ... well ... let’s just say it may be more artistically fruitful than you ever could’ve imagined. After a fan on Twitter asked if their meeting meant a collab was in the works, Chance replied, β€œBig 10-4.”

Remember: the band’s music was recently used for a surprisingly awesome Death Cab for Yeezy album that mashed up their music with Kanye West’s β€” so clearly, stranger things have happened.