Which Budding Are You The One? Couples Are A Perfect Match?

A happily-ever-after might be in the cards for one of these duos

While one twosome is definitely not match material (*cough* John and Julia) on Are You The One?, a few couples are standing out as perfect match front-runners after tonight's all-new episode.

Could there be a happily-ever-after in the cards for one of these pairings? Let's break it down:

  • This sweet duo shared their first kiss during confessional, and their chemistry is pretty undeniable. Cameron affectionately calls Mikala "Blue Bear" (or maybe that was an impromptu pet name due to one sexy periwinkle dress) and compares his longing for the New Jersey native to a craving one might have for "a burger or some chocolate." Depends, Cam. Are we talking about Shake Shack and Lindt dark chocolate? If so, then cool.

  • Alyssa is searching for a guy who's in touch with his feminine side, and Sam is definitely her man in that regard. The not-so-closet High School Musical fan (hello Zac Efron!) isn't afraid of French braids, colorful manicures, and letting his sensitive flag fly. The two Illinois natives are taking it slow (even despite Morgan's match-up ceremony interference), but could they be more than friends?

  • After the pair licked their way through spicy beans and tomato paste, they were given the chance to truly get to know each other outside of the Boom Boom Room. Speaking of, Asaf's invitation to "cuddle" (which is actually not code for sex, no matter what Asaf thinks) didn't go over so well with Francesca, leading the Israeli to compare her to his "little sister" during their one-on-one time together. Ouch. But despite their rocky start, all may not be over for these two.

Which one of these couples do you think are soul mate material? Tell us what you think, then tune in next Monday at 10/9c for another AYTO!