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15 Pressing Questions I Have About This Pic Of Khal Drogo And The High Sparrow

What an unusual Game of Thrones bromance

If Khal Drogo had lived past the first season of Game of Thrones, something tells me that he and the High Sparrow would definitely not get along. But actors Jason Momoa and Jonathan Pryce are apparently a couple of chums, as evidenced by an Insta Momoa shared on Sunday (June 12).

"When DROGO and the high sparrow Get together and find peace in #guinness," Momoa captioned. This is perhaps one of the strangest GoT hangouts ever, since, as one commenter pointed out, it consists of "one of the most loved [characters] and one of the most hated." Because of that, I have some urgent questions I need answered STAT.

1. First off, whose house is this?

2. And whose idea was it to hang out in the first place?

3. Have you guys done this before, or was it the first time?

4. Were other GoT cast members there, too?

5. Why doesn't Jonathan have a glass of Guinness in his hand if you both "find peace in Guinness"?

6. Is it because he knows The Seven is watching?

7. Did Jason teach Jonathan some Dothraki curse words?

8. And did Jonathan then teach Jason the best way to make all of Twitter despise you because of that Walk of Shame thing?

9. Did you guys talk about what TF happened to Gendry on the show?

10. Do you think he's still rowing that boat?

11. Later, did you talk about how unbelievably cute The Mountain's (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) dog is?

12. Do you think people will start writing fan-fiction about Khal Drogo and the High Sparrow, now that this photo exists?

13. Will you read it?

14. Which of these sounds like a better ship name for you: Khal Sparrow or High Drogo?

15. And lastly, when one of you left the other's house, did the host hold the door open?