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Allow Rihanna To Make The Case For Wearing Nothing But A Jean Jacket

It's all you need in your closet, apparently

For many people, denim jackets become a wardrobe staple the second the temperature hits, like, 65 degrees. For Rihanna, they not only become a staple but an entire outfit.

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Last night, Rihanna made the case for wearing an oversize jean jacket and nothing but, except for, of course, a Balenciaga fur stole. Not many people would break out their huge — or even normal-size — furs in the middle of June, but, y'know, Rihanna isn't like anyone else.

So, yeah, if you're in the market for a new denim jacket this summer, consider going big like Rihanna — you never know when you'll want to wear it as an entire outfit.

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