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Chance The Rapper Transformed A Silent Disco Into A Full-Blown Concert

He became the #mayorofbonnaroo

Chance The Rapper wasn't officially scheduled to perform at this past weekend's Bonnaroo, but that didn't stop him from doing so. Over and over and over.

On Sunday, for instance, he told fans to join him at the festival's silent disco -- one of those big tents where they hand everyone headphones so you can all listen to the same music and dance and look very strange to everyone on the outside -- for an impromptu Coloring Book performance.

Very quickly, things turned from silent disco to sing-along. I guess that'll happen when everyone knows the words.

That Sunday performance capped off a weekend of unexpected mic grabs for Chano, who also joined sets by J. Cole, Bryson Tiller, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Miguel.

Sometimes, you just gotta perform your new mixtape.