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'Skillset,' Episode 6: Cello ... Is It Me, Dermot Mulroney, You're Looking For? Also: Tornadoes!

MTV film critic Amy Nicholson talks to the actual storm chaser from Twister. And veteran actor Mulroney, who is probably not a storm chaser.

Look out! It's a new episode of "Skillset," and this week we're talking tornadoes. Learn how The Wizard of Oz made a whirlwind with a long sock and a lot of imagination. Over 50 years later, the blockbuster Twister did it again, with help from storm chaser Harold Brooks, who tells us what weather science the movie still got wrong, despite his advice. And actor Dermot Mulroney, star of the new love-triangle thriller Careful What You Wish For with Nick Jonas, explains how he played a part in Jurassic World and Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, even though you can't see him. Was he hidden in that sandstorm? OK, OK, I'll just tell you. He was behind the scenes ... playing the cello?

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