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Kim Kardashian's Run-In With Her Doppelgänger Was 'Super Awkward'

It's all Jonathan Cheban's fault

In March, Kim Kardashian shared a selfie with Kamilla Osman, one of her numerous twins. Though meeting your doppelgänger is widely understood to be an omen of bad luck, Kim, a brave soul, appeared unbothered by the encounter.

In a new clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we learn that Kim was, in fact, bothered by the meeting.

In what we're supposed to believe is a chance encounter, Kim runs into Kamilla at the dermatologist's office. Kamilla is there with Kim's friend, Jonathan Cheban, who wants to "do a little laser" on his eye and says — in front of Kamilla!!!! — he brought her because Kim is "too busy."

Kim describes the entire thing as "super awkward," but then concludes the entire thing by taking the photo we saw months ago. It's the only logical conclusion to totally random run-in with your doppelgänger, y'know?

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