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MTV News Social Justice Forecast For June 10–18

Pride provides opportunities to find new ways to support the LGBT community

In honor of Pride, we’re going to take you off the beaten path a little as we keep highlighting events for the LGBT community. While we put our most fabulous foot forward and pray for sunny skies for our various festivals, we also need to remember that these celebrations are born from the struggle for LGBT equality — something that is far from over. So between the parades and dance parties, let’s use this opportunity to bring a whirlwind of change!

All Month Long:

“June is also Men’s Health Month. As part of a congressional health education program, this campaign intends to help men and boys address a variety of preventable and treatable health issues. While we’re at it, let’s keep in mind that transgender men and gay/bi men have particular health concerns of their own. Various organizations are hosting events and providing free health screenings, some of which you can find here — or you can plan your own!

You can also participate in Wear Blue Friday on June 17 by wearing blue (of course) in order to raise awareness of health issues that affect men. Be sure to show your support by tweeting #ShowUsYourBlue, and promote blue skies and good health for the men in your life.

This Week:

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We’re looking at rainbows in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a workshop on queer philanthropy, and more colorful skies in Arlington, Massachusetts, as generations share coming-out stories. Also hoping for pleasant weather in D.C. as a scavenger hunt to end Alzheimer’s gets under way!

Thursday, June 16

New York, New York: Look at the big picture of LGBT politics at the S&P Global Spectrum Pride Month Celebration.

𔄞 p.m.–8:30 p.m.

S&P Global

55 Water Street, 37th Floor

Riverview Room

New York, NY 10004

S&P Global's employee group Spectrum LGBT & Friends is hosting a public presentation from LGBT political advocate Matt McTighe of Freedom for All Americans and journalist/advocate Tiq Milan. Both are experienced in working on the front lines of LGBT issues and will be sharing their perspectives, knowledge, and advice for how to handle the homophobia and transphobia that still permeate American politics. The event is free, but register in advance to hold your spot. A Q&A and reception will follow their presentation. Take this rare opportunity to get some serious insight into national politics from two incredible experts!

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Put your money where the needs of our community are at Queering Philanthropy.

𔄝 p.m.–6:30 p.m.

Center for Progressive Philanthropy

2801 21st Ave. S

Suite 132B

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Even though we’ve come a long way for LGBT equality, we are facing serious backlash. Anti-queer campaigns can still raise absurd amounts of money for bigoted bakers, for example, or push for religious exemption from non-discrimination policies. So what can we do? Queering Philanthropy: Unpacking Disparities in the LGBTQ Community is here to provide some answers for how we can rally our own resources to keep winning the fight for equality, especially for trans folks and queer people of color. This is a free event, but make sure to register in advance.

Saturday, June 18

Washington, D.C.: Scavenge for a cure at The Hunt To End Alzheimer’s!

𔄙 p.m.–6 p.m.

John Marshall Park

Washington, DC 20001

If I had to pick a fave event this week, which I totally am going to do, it would be this scavenger hunt. The Alzheimer's Association and D.C.’s YoungNationAlz have put together a unique fundraiser to get young people involved in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Teams will take off across the city to follow clues, solve puzzles, and complete a variety of tasks. When it’s all said and done, everyone is converging at Iron Horse Bar for free drinks (did someone say vodka cocktails?) and food while awards are given out to the top teams. It’s $20 to register before June 18, or $25 the day of the event. Participants should be 21 or older. All proceeds benefit The Longest Day, a national campaign to end Alzheimer’s (to which you can donate even if you can’t attend the hunt). Now grab some friends, get registered, and happy hunting!

Looking Ahead:

Friday, June 24

Arlington, Massachusetts: Share in stories of struggle and triumph at Intergenerational Stories of Growing Up Queer.

𔄟–9 p.m.

Arlington Center for the Arts

41 Foster Street

Arlington, MA 02474

The Arlington Human Rights Commission, Mystic LGBTQ+ Youth Support Network, and the Arlington Center for the Arts have teamed up with True Story Theater to provide an evening of storytelling, performance, and discussion between LGBT youth, adults, and allies. As different generations share their experiences, we can gain a clearer picture of what young queers need and how older people can help them. This is more than a chance to hear those stories; this event is an opportunity to make a commitment to the LGBT youth of Arlington (something we should all be doing for the LGBT youth wherever we live). Registration is free and necessary to reserve your spot. If we want to keep seeing rainbows in our future, we have to see and support each other.

It’s inspiring to see all of the ways people are working for the LGBT community. From amplifying the voices of LGBT youth to harnessing the power of philanthropy, folks are creating solutions where they live with what they have. You might only have a story. You may have disposable income. You could have a way with inspiring people to get behind a cause. Whatever it is you have to offer, claim it and use it to change your world. Whether it’s bringing out the sun or calling down a storm, we need you!