Joe Raedle/Getty Images

President Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton, Shares His Review Of The Democratic Primary

In a YouTube video, of course

On Thursday, President Barack Obama dutifully walked onstage during the latest performance of the season-long, avant-garde revival of Oh God, It’s Another Presidential Election and recited his lines — "I’m with her" — right on cue. And by "walked onstage," we of course mean he made a YouTube video and it was posted on Facebook. The video looked sort of like a more boring version of Disney’s Sing-Along Songs, except the background music sounded like if The Little Mermaid took place in an elevator, and no one sang.

The audience, which has been forced to sit and watch this spectacle for six months with no rest, wasn’t told exactly when the president would join the cast, but no one seemed terribly surprised by his arrival. It seemed pretty likely that Hillary Clinton’s former boss would give her a good reference, especially since she’s said the word "Obama" more times than Trump has said the word "China" this year. (Obama met with Bernie Sanders, who plans to campaign at least through the D.C. primary next week, earlier on Thursday.) The video also functioned as Obama’s review of the Democratic primary; he said he especially enjoyed the parts where Bernie Sanders talked about campaign finance and economic inequality, and didn’t get why everyone thought the campaign was so nasty, considering what he remembered about his presidential primary.

Although the mostly popular president is now officially a part of the election and is scheduled to campaign with Clinton in Wisconsin next week, it quickly became clear that the broad contours of the race have not changed when Trump sent a tweet, and Clinton responded, "Delete your account." There are 151 days until the election.