Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Watch Justin Bieber Do His Best Miley Cyrus Impersonation

Remember The Miley & Mandy Show? Justin does.

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have a weird relationship that, for our collective amusement, often plays out over social media. There was the time Bieber may or may not have copied Cyrus’s ’do, the time she retaliated by sharing her best Bieber impression, and then all the many hilarious times she Photoshopped him into her Insta pics.

In the latest such example of their bizarre best friendship, Bieber and his pal Khalil posted a silly Snapchat in which he copies Cyrus’s southern accent, deepening his voice to match her signature huskiness.

As longtime Smilers know, JB’s throwing it way, way back to the days of The Miley & Mandy Show, Cyrus’s old YouTube show with her then-backup dancer/BFF Mandy Jiroux. The slumber party–esque series — recorded in Cyrus’s bedroom and often featuring hysterical giggle fits -- has been MIA for six years now, but Bieber makes a convincing argument for its resurrection. Maybe he can take Mandy’s spot? The Miley & Justin Show is exactly what the world needs in 2016.

Until then, let’s throw it back to the amazing world premiere of The M & M Show in 2008, shall we?