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Watch Nick Jonas Smash A Bunch Of Glass With His Skull For Art

The cover of his new album is the real deal

Two days before the release of his new album, Last Year Was Complicated, Nick Jonas has led us on another tour behind the scenes of his creative process.

On this episode of his new Tidal docuseries, Jonas proves that the cover of his new record wasn’t photoshopped in the slightest. All those glass shards you see flying around his face? Those happened when someone actually shattered a pane of glass over his skull.

OK, that glass is probably made of sugar, given that Jonas didn’t suffer a concussion and then sue his photographer for physical and emotional injury (as far as we know). And sure, the design team had to edit the pics so his eyes would look open, because some reflexes are just too strong.

The new episode also shows Jonas shooting the “Chainsaw” video and offers a glimpse into his house as he plays his album for a crowd of industry executives for the first time. It’s streaming now on Tidal.

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