A Taylor Swift Fan Is Recreating All Her Iconic Outfits From Scratch

She's mastered the 'red lip, classic'

Lotte Lutjes, 18, isn't your average Swiftie. The talented superfan from the Netherlands is super into drawing and designing, so she started recreating Taylor Swift's most memorable fashion moments.

“I loved making and wearing the outfits so much that I just kept going, also because of the positive comments I received from lots of other fans!” Lutjes told HuffPost. She started taking sewing classes during the Red Tour, and the rest is history. Most recently, she was inspired by Tay's Versace dress at the 2016 Grammys.

Lutjes shares photos of her creations on Instagram and gives tutorials on her Tumblr. Here's all the hard work that went into the Grammys gown:

"The costumes definitely make me feel more confident. Not because I look like Taylor in them — that's not my main goal! I just love making them and they make me feel fierce," she explained to Seventeen. Lutjes has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a neurological disorder which sometimes requires her to use a wheelchair — also decked out in all things Taylor, of course.

"Taylor is just so down to earth and she's her own person and doesn't let anyone tear her down," she continued. "I feel like that attitude is something she teaches her fans as well. She taught me how to deal with feeling left out and alone and so much more."

See more of Lutjes's tour outfits and awards show dresses below. They're so spot-on, Taylor herself has given them multiple shout-outs.

Follow Lutjes's fabulous creations on her Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.