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Teenage Drake Does Improv In This Rare Clip From A Toronto Club

A sign of things to come

Drake usually comes off like a natural when he hosts Saturday Night Live, which he did last month for the second time. That comfort cracking jokes comes from years of practice.

Aubrey has had plenty of experience in front of the camera for non-rap-related endeavors, of course, with his years-long starring gig on the hit Canadian show Degrassi. But he's also put in work with his improv chops, as evidenced by a not-entirely-new-but-rarely-seen video that's making the rounds online.

In it, a young (teenaged, it seems) Drake shares the stage with a woman at Toronto's Rivoli, volleying quips back and forth to the audience's delight. Eventually, in a sign of things to come, he freestyles a bit -- though it leans far more folksy than rap.

Until the next SNL gig, we've got this.

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