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Alicia Silverstone Brought Back One Of Cher Horowitz's Iconic Looks On A Red Carpet

No plaid was involved

Considering that ’90s style is back in full force and everyone from Rihanna to Iggy Azalea continues to take style cues from Clueless over 20 years after its release, it was only a matter of time before Alicia Silverstone resurrected one of Cher Horowitz's iconic looks.

Last night at the CFDA Awards, it happened.

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Alicia arrived at the ceremony with Christian Siriano and Selma Blair, which was already making all of our '90s dreams come true, but then she went and wore a red dress, red shoes, and red lipstick.

Sure, her CFDA dress is longer and there isn't a white feather boa (nor a cell phone of that size in sight), but that red combo will forever be associated with Cher Horowitz.

We see you, Alicia, and we are into it.