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This Is The One Beauty Look Kim Kardashian Regrets

She loves a nude lip for a reason

Kim Kardashian has tried a lot of beauty looks. There's been the white under eye concealer, the spider lashes, and, of course contouring. While she may seem down for just about anything, there's one look that she refuses to get behind.

On an episode of "Inner Circle" with her longtime make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic, Kim explains the one beauty look she hated.

"I was pregnant, hugely pregnant, and I did this interview for Givenchy and he put a berry lip on me," she explained. "I just despise a berry lip for me."

But that doesn't mean Mario hasn't tried his best to make it happen.

"I've tried so many times over the years to convince her," he said. "She hates a berry lip."

So if you ever see Kim's pout looking a little pinker than usual, know that it wasn't her decision.