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I'm Pretending This Picture of Beyoncé, Jay Z, Chance The Rapper, And Vic Mensa Is Actually A Song

And maybe it will be soon

If there was a superpower which allowed me to turn a photograph into a song, I would use it right now. On this photograph. Of these very talented folks.

The lighting here is a little strange, and so are the directions that people's heads are facing, but yes, that is Beyoncé, Jay Z, Chance the Rapper, and Vic Mensa.

Once more.

"Birthday with friends," Vic wrote, as he celebrated his 23rd birthday with the rich, famous, and musically gifted.

Chano called it, "the coolest thing I did yesterday," which feels like a wild understatement. But, hey, I get the sentiment.

Of course, this isn't a random collection of music stars. It makes sense they'd be in the same place: Bey and Jay are married (you know?); Vic and Chance are longtime friends; Vic is signed to Hov's Roc Nation; Bey and Jay watched a Chance show last year; and -- who could forget -- Bey is Chance's Auntie 'Yoncé.

Maybe this means they'll be in the same place recording a song soon, too? How 'bout it?