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Kris Jenner's Outfits Prove She's Not A Regular Mom, She's A Cool Mom

Hip as hell

It's certainly difficult to keep track of every single Kardashian (and Jenner), but everyone seems to be sleeping on arguably the most influential one. Kris Jenner, the businesswoman, manager, and mother of six wears a lot of hats, but she also wears a lot of Yeezy and Balmain. While we're over here trying to keep up with Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie, Kris is working hard to keep up with them -- and their closets. She's made it clear that she's no regular mom, but is Kris a cool mom? Scroll down and decide for yourself.

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    Most recently, mama Kris was spotted sporting a look that was mom on top and hip teen on the bottom with her Stella McCartney creepers.

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    Always on trend in the thigh-high boot. Maybe she borrowed them from Kourtney.

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    Note to the youths: keep all your going-out bodycon dresses because they just might fit when you're 60.

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    Athleisure to the airport isn't lazy, it's fashion.

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    Sporting sold-out Yeezy Boosts while running errands. Your mom could never.

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    And don't forget the Yeezus baseball cap.

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    Oh, chokers are in now? Cool, Kris already knew that.

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    This is a multicolored, camouflage, Valentino tracksuit, and she wore it to the airport.

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    Who wore it better: Kris Jenner or Justin Bieber?

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    ✌️, kids.

  11. Second Item Title
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    Hmmm ... this looks familiar?

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    Oh, I see.

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    Queen Of Construction.

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    Who needs pants? Not Kris Jenner™.

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