These Are The Most Memorable Moments From Teen Mom 2's Season 7

Chelsea's engagement to Cole = unforgettable

Chelsea, Kailyn, Jenelle and Leah have closed the chapter on yet another dramatic Teen Mom 2 season -- and while all four women have different narratives, the foursome endured some truly unforgettable scenes during this installment.

From a surprising engagement to a legally altered co-parenting agreement, take a look at the most memorable moments from the past 12 episodes and share your thoughts about the mentioned incidents in the comments. And be sure to catch Part 1 of the reunion next Monday at a new time of 9/8c.

  • Chelsea

    The esthetician found her Prince Charming -- and said "yes" to a lifelong commitment with Cole! And even though the big ask was not captured on-camera, the newly engaged couple celebrated the milestone occasion with Chelsea's family post-proposal (the happy memory is above).

  • Leah

    The West Virginia native struggled with the outcome of her custody case involving twins Ali and Aleeah -- Leah's sitdown with her lawyer can be reviewed above. But viewers watched Leah adapt to this new co-parenting agreement and thrive with the new schedule.

  • Jenelle

    Jenelle faced legal unknowns and health issues -- but the South Carolina resident had a new man by her side to help her through these stormy times. And, shortly after the two started dating, Jenelle introduced David to her mother Barbara (relive it above).

  • Kailyn

    The mother of two learned the her husband Javi would be deployed for a lengthy period -- and when Javi departed for his overseas duties, the goodbye was understandably emotional (as seen above).