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Kanye West Has New Merch You Can Wear While You Pretend His Shows Were Never Canceled

Wipe your tears on a new hoodie

Yesterday was a sad day for Kanye West fans (but also a great day for people who like large crowds and continual disappointment). After 'Ye's headlining performance at the Governors Ball was canceled because of weather, he planned a secret 2 a.m. pop-up show at Webster Hall. It was a cute idea, but due to overcrowding and safety concerns, the show never happened. Fortunately, there is some good news to come out of this: new Pablo merch!

The new t-shirts and hoodies were revealed during the Governors Ball, despite Kanye not actually performing. The new pieces include lines from The Life of Pablo, including fan favorites from tracks like "Famous" and "Highlights." The merch is said to be exclusive to the rained-out festival, but if you're willing to shell out some extra cash, it's only natural that most of it will end up on eBay sooner rather than later. May your luck be better than Kanye's over the weekend.