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Lindsay Lohan Just Can't Stop With The Parent Trap Nostalgia

LiLo scopes out her fictional childhood home in London

The Parent Trap turns 18 this summer, but Lindsay Lohan is doing her best to keep it timeless.

On Sunday (June 5), Lohan returned to her British "roots" and visited her character Annie James's home in London. Of course, her other character, Hallie Parker, masqueraded as Annie for most of the scenes in that house, but details, details. Now all she needs are Oreos with peanut butter and Leonardo DiCaprio, and it'll be just like 1998 again.

"A trip down memory lane," the actress captioned, pointing out the house number in the movie was actually 7, instead of 23.

Besides the numeral difference, not a lot's changed over the years, except for the amount of shrubbery -- and LiLo herself.