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This Is What Rumors Of A Surprise Kanye Show Did To The Streets Of New York

People everywhere

When there's a surprise Kanye West show, what do you do?

You go, obviously. And that's what hordes of people attempted to do early Monday morning, when rumors of a 'Ye pop-up show surfaced. Scheduled to take place at New York's Webster Hall at 2 a.m., the set would be a nightcap for Kanye, following his performance at Hot 97 Summer Jam earlier in the day (he was set to perform at Governors Ball, but it was canceled due to inclement weather).

In the end, though, the show didn't happen. According to The Daily Beast, some 4,000 people flooded the streets near the venue, and an announcement was made around 1:15 a.m. that there'd be no show. By 3 a.m., the area was reportedly cleared.

Kanye even tried to get help from Mayor Bill de Blasio to make the show a reality.

Since it didn't happen, there's no footage of Kanye performing at Webster Hall. But there plenty of wild footage of people flocking to the scene, hoping he would.

When Webster Hall didn't work out, Kanye and Co. apparently tried to hold surprise events at SOB's and Trump Soho, but those were a wash, too.

This morning, Kim Kardashian said on Snapchat that 'Ye "tried so hard" to make the show become a reality, but the NYPD shut it down.

The power of 'Ye.