Jamie Cary

The Are You The One? Season 4 Casties Use One Word To Describe Their Experience

The consensus? It was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Those who have embarked on the Are You the One? adventure more often than not reveal that it was a life-changing experience -- whether they emerged from the ambitious dating experiment with their perfect match or walked away single.

In honor of the upcoming premiere of the entertaining hit series (in five short days, folks!), we asked a bunch of the Season 4 guys and gals to describe the Hawaiian adventure in one word (some opted to use two, but more on that in a second). While the choices below are more positive than anything, one thing is for sure: This latest installment is going to be one heck of a ride.

Check out the crew's responses, and be sure to catch AYTO? on Mondays at 10/9c!

Kaylen: Raw

"Every emotion that was felt in that house was raw and real. There wasn't any time to be filtered in front of the camera. I had to experience and relive old wounds that I thought had already been healed. It's a very terrifying yet empowering experience to have to be so raw for the world and 19 others to see. This experience isn't for the weak. You must be prepared to reveal all the layers of oneself in order to get the full experience as is intended. If you haven't been vulnerable before, AYTO is the experience to make you embrace it. It's like nothing you've ever experienced before."

Asaf: Donald Trump

"Because it was so unexpected -- and we all had a lot of ups and downs! Also, in the end, we all understood we don't know shit about love — but definitely love ourselves a lot."

Alyssa: Bittersweet

"I had so many great moments in the house, but there were also days I couldn't stand living with everyone anymore. You truly had to take the good with the bad, happy with the sad. It was such a constant mix of emotions!"

Mikala: Adventure

"It was unlike anything I've ever experienced."

Tori: Bworst

"Best and worst, so bworst. It was challenging thinking about another person in your life — and then you start to realize so many things about yourself when you are there."

Morgan: Eye-opening

"I learned a lot about myself, and I liked the mature qualities I displayed. I think I was a lot more patient than the majority of the other people — they couldn't handle the no TV/no internet. I was definitely more relaxed; I wasn't complaining about anything. I found the whole thing incredibly entertaining."

Giovanni: Educational

"It taught me a lot about myself."

Prosper: Crazy

"It was a whole lot."

Julia: Bittersweet

"This experience in Hawaii was a complete roller coaster. It had its ups and downs, and every day was a new lesson to learn or a new adventure to endure. Of course I made mistakes — I'm only human. But I learned that hey, it's OK if you fall down every once in a while — as long as you get back up and keep trying. I grew so much as a person and learned to stay positive even when it wasn't easy (plus I got a really nice tan). It was an experience I'll never forget, and I am so thankful for getting to be a part of it all."

Stephen: Unforgettable

"I left for Hawaii not knowing what to expect. My unforgettable history in relationships left scars that I really didn't think would heal. I went through the motions, and week by week my actions, feelings, thoughts, and emotions changed. I progressed as a person. I chose to forget the past and find someone unforgettable. I wanted to take a real chance at love. This AYTO experience gave me the chance to share unforgettable moments with unforgettable people. I'm so grateful for that."

Victoria: Intense

"Living in a house with 19 different personalities forced me to face my fears and insecurities — and find out how to deal with issues I'd be able to walk away from in my regular life."

Emma: Reviving

"I felt like I grew and figured out who I truly was as a person — I became more humble, much nicer and felt as if I had returned to my old self. Past relationships made me into a monster that I actually was not deep down. It was my own little #RevivalTour cc: Selena Gomez"