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Drake And DJ Khaled Just Made An Anthem For People Who Are Really Good At Sex

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DJ Khaled, who produced the millennial mantra-inspiring track “No New Friends,” has teamed back up with Drake on “For Free."

Zane Lowe premiered Khaled's new single on his Beats 1 Radio show today. It’s a marked departure from the mood Drake set on his own album Views; instead of ruminating over his relationship failures, he’s bragging about his sexual successes.

On “For Free,” Drake notes that since he quit drinking and using, he can last a whole lot longer in the bedroom. "Is it just me? Is this so so good I shouldn’t have to fuck for free?” he wonders.

He also shouts out Kendrick Lamar’s song of the same name (plus a question mark), continuing the two rappers’ game of weird referential ping-pong.

"They don’t want me to have another anthem, so I made sure I got another anthem!” DJ Khaled asserts at the song’s intro. He’s not wrong; it’s definitely some kind of an anthem, at least for people who like bragging about their dicks.

In his interview with Lowe, DJ Khaled confirmed that there's a song on his upcoming album Major Key with Jay Z and Future. True to the theme, it'll be called "I Got the Keys."

He also noted his plans to Snapchat the birth of his first child, because They definitely don't want you sending snaps from the delivery room.