Abigail Anderson/Instagram

Taylor Swift Gets Breakup Consolation From 'A Redhead Named Abigail'

'My weird heart loves your weird heart'

Abigail Anderson, the "redhead" Taylor Swift sat next to when she was "Fifteen," is still here for her BFF. When news broke that Tay and Calvin Harris had called it quits, Anderson shared a touching Instagram post for her childhood friend.

"There are few things more significant or valuable than a friendship that will withstand the test of time," Anderson captioned the pic, which Taylor was tagged in. "Thank you for getting me. Always."

Anderson isn't the only bestie supporting the 1989 singer. Selena Gomez apparently mysteriously unfollowed Harris on both Twitter and Instagram.

Breakups are THE WORST, but at least Tay is getting a whole lot of love from her friends.