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Cara Delevingne Goes Nude For A Very Important Cause


Cara Delevingne is no stranger to being naked, but her most recent strip-down is definitely her most important one.

Cara's been announced as the first ambassador for I'm Not a Trophy, an organization that works to raise awareness about the "malicious acts of trophy hunting and poaching of endangered species."

For the first campaign, Cara posed nude and posted the photos to Instagram, saying, "I am so proud to be the an ambassador of @imnotatrophy organization to create greater awareness in the malicious acts of trophy hunting and poaching of endangered species!"

The partnership seems like a no-brainer for Cara, who last year auctioned off her TAG Heuer watch to raise money for the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit in light of the killing of Cecil the lion. The fact that she looks great in the photos is just a bonus.