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11 Celebrities Who Met Beyoncé And Lived To Tell The Tale

Here's how to act in front of Queen B

No matter who you are or where you come from — whether you're an A-lister or an Average Joe -- there is one common thing that unites us all: None of us are immune to the awesomeness of meeting Beyoncé.

Sure, most of us haven't actually been graced with that opportunity before, but those who have have generously shared their tales of coming face-to-face with Queen B. And their stories -- from the amazing to the downright embarrassing -- ultimately give us lessons in how to act (and how not to act) in front of Her Highness. Let's take a look at 11 celebs who've recounted their brushes with Bey:

  1. Channing Tatum

    In arguably one of the best “meeting Beyoncé” stories ever, Tatum first met Beyoncé when she made a cameo appearance during his performance of “Run the World (Girls)” on Lip Sync Battle. He later recalled the amazing moment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, saying, “You never see her until all of sudden you’re just like, ‘It happened! Wait... that was her, right?’ And then you always know she’s somewhere in the world that can reach out and touch you.”

  2. Zendaya

    Handpicked by Beyoncé to appear in her Lemonade project, Z told Seventeen how she became involved and what it was like meeting B for the first time.

    "I was getting my hair braided and she came into my dressing room and was like, ‘Hello. Thank you for being here,'" Z recalled. "I've never acted like such an idiot in my life. The fact that she came into my dressing room to say, ‘Thank you'. Beyoncé did that?! What?! I had to tell my hairstylist, ‘Please tell her that I'm not weird.’"

  3. Adele

    In 2011, Adele opened up about how meeting Beyoncé helped her overcome anxiety. “I was about to meet Beyoncé and I had a full-blown anxiety attack,” Adele recalled. “Then she popped in looking gorgeous, and said, ‘You’re amazing! When I listen to you I feel like I’m listening to God.'" Later, Adele found herself crying hysterically on a balcony, when she asked herself, "‘What would [Beyoncé’s alter ego] Sasha Fierce do?’" So inspiring.

  4. Anna Kendrick

    The Pitch Perfect star met Bey at the 2014 Grammys, and later told Conan O'Brien about their conversation. "She stood up, she was so nice, and she points to Jay Z and was like, ‘Oh, we just watched you on the Kennedy Center Honors. You were so great. You were so cute in your little red dress.' And she said that I had a little red dress, which means she actually watched it or it means I was having a stroke and I imagined the entire thing."

  5. Nicki Minaj

    Back in 2011, Nicki recalled the flattering moment she met Bey, saying, "Just her name alone just defines greatness, right? When I met her she was a super sweetheart and the fact that she complimented me, I never forgot that. That stuck with me. She was like ‘You killed it' and I was like ‘Huh?' Here's someone who I admire so much because they're so driven, and she told me I killed it. That really resonates with me."

  6. Lorde

    During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2014, Lorde recalled being starstruck at the Grammys, saying, “That was my first encounter with people that I’ve never seen except for on the TV,” she said. “And I’m like, ‘Uuuuuuuuuh. Beyoncé.' When you see someone that famous, you do this thing like …” And then she proceeded to make the most fangirl-ish face ever, which you can see above. So #relatable.

  7. Holly Holm

    The MMA fighter might have the most embarrassing Bey moment ever, which she bravely recounted during an interview with KRQE in Albuquerque. “I meet Jay Z and he says, ‘This is my wife,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, hi, what’s your name?’ ... And as I’m shaking her hand, I’m thinking, ‘Why did I just say that? Why did I just say that to Beyoncé?’

    “I can’t even focus on what he’s saying because I just put my foot in my mouth,” she added. “I literally have to interrupt him. I’m like, ‘I’m really sorry,’ and I go back to Beyoncé and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe I just did that.’ She goes, ‘Oh no, it’s fine.’ I’m like, ‘No, I really, really ... it’s such an honor to meet you.’” At least it was a swift recovery?

  8. Meghan Trainor

    Like Nicki and Adele, Trainor also has an amazing story about how Beyoncé complimented her music the first time they met. Speaking to Access Hollywood, the "NO" singer recalled their meeting at the Billboard Women in Music Awards: "She came up to me and held my hands and said, ‘I love your music, my daughter and I listen to your songs every day and dance to them.' I freaked out. I was pretty much complete with life. I was like, ‘Oh! That's it, Beyoncé likes my songs. I'm done.'"

  9. Sam Smith

    It was the MTV VMAs that brought Smith and Bey together for the first time, which the Brit singer later gushed about. "Beyoncé asked to meet me, so I went in and said ‘Hi’. It was amazing, she took my breath away," he said about their backstage meet-and-greet. “She said my voice is like butter, so I am done for life now. I don’t need to do anything else.”

  10. Iggy Azalea

    Iggy was tight-lipped about what she and Bey talked about the first time they met backstage at a concert, saying simply, "We had a conversation and it was really nice." She does, however, still lament not being able to clean up before their big meeting. “The first time I met her, they called me in. I had just performed my show so I was sweaty and a mess and looked like crap. I was like ‘Shit, I don’t want to smash Beyoncé but I still want to look nice for her!'" Iggy said. "But I didn’t, I looked like crap. She looked amazing and I looked like crap."

  11. Florence Welch

    During a recent interview with Time Out London, the Florence & The Machine singer talked about how listening to Lemonade made her want to write Beyoncé a fan letter. But before she could pen it, she got to meet B at this year's Met Ball. "She came over and put her hand on my shoulder and I was so excited to see her," Welch recalled. "She was like, ‘It’s all right, you don’t need to stand up,' and I was like, ‘Yes, I do!' I totally fan-girled her, but she was so polite and sweet.’"