Helen Sloan/ courtesy HBO

Kit Harington Shaved His Beard, So Jon Snow's Probably Dead Again

Summer is coming, and poor Kit's face is hot

Earlier this week, Kit Harington mansplained sexism to us, saying that he didn't want his career to be dependent on his good looks. Today, photos of a freshly shorn Harington have made their way online. Connection? I think so.

The Game of Thrones star showed off smooth baby skin -- and his residual stage makeup -- while greeting fans in London following his West End stage performance in Doctor Faustus. Who knew a beardless Harington would look like he's about to audition for The Cure in 1987?

But fear not, Game of Thrones fans. Just because Harington has shaved his beard doesn't mean Jon Snow's a goner in the final episodes of Season 6. Those beautiful facial manes usually grow back within a fortnight. It's not like he cut his shoulder-length tendrils of raven hair. When that happens, it's time to panic.

Until then, we're gonna miss it. Every single day. Listen, I get why he might want to lose the scruff in the summer, but it was hard enough losing Hodor. I can't take more loss, Harington.