Jamie Cary

Swipe Left Or Swipe Right: Vote For Your Favorite Are You The One? Newbies

Let's just call it our very own Match-Up Ceremony

A crop of brand-new love hopefuls are about to begin searching for that one — Truth Booths and Match-Up ceremonies and all — during the brand-new installment of Are You the One? We aren't ready for "locking in" and those beams of light ...

But before the latest batch of casties embarks on this unique dating experiment to find their PM -- get a preview of the shenanigans in the trailer above before the season premiere on June 13 -- we're asking you to participate in our very own AYTO-centric swipe game. So who’s a green check or a red ex for you? Are you gearing toward the right -- or left?

Without further ado, get those fingertips ready to cast your votes for Alyssa, Asaf, Cam, Cameron, Camille, Emma, Francesca, Giovanni, John, Julia, Kaylen, Mikala, Morgan, Nicole, Prosper, Sam, Stephen, Tori, Tyler, and Victoria -- and be sure to catch the premiere of Are You the One? (in one week!) on Monday, June 13 at 10/9c!