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Britney Spears Could Always Sing — This New 1998 Video Proves It

A pre-stardom Britney showcases her future hits

Nearly two decades after “...Baby One More Time” dominated the airwaves, a live video has surfaced of a 16-year-old Britney Spears singing the hit that would rocket her to stardom.

The video shows a teen Britney singing “...Baby One More Time,” as well as “Sometimes” and “You Got It All,” a Jets cover that would end up as a B-side to her debut album.

The footage was apparently filmed at a conference in Singapore, presumably a few months before Britney became a household name. She’s rocking her iconic 1998 bangs here, but it doesn’t look like she’s quite got the dance chops she showed off in the “...Baby One More Time” video yet.

Most impressively, the video features her singing totally live with no Auto-Tune. Britney could always sing, haters be damned.