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Wiz Khalifa Is Suing His Label And Former Manager

His longtime partnership with Rostrum Records may be coming to an end

For over a decade, Wiz Khalifa has been releasing projects on Rostrum Records, helping to put that Pittsburgh-founded indie label on the map. The releases date back to 2005's Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania and run all the way through this year's Khalifa (he signed with Atlantic Records, as well, in 2010).

Now, though, he's taking his longtime label home to court.

According to Variety, the rapper filed suit on Tuesday against Rostrum and its founder, Benjy Grinberg, who also managed Wiz until 2014. The suit claims that Grinberg and Rostrum “induced” Wiz into signing a “360 agreement,” where they would get a cut of all things Wiz Khalifa -- from sales to touring to merch.

“An artist’s most trusted advisor is his or her personal manager," Alex Weingarten, Wiz's attorney, said. "Generally, nothing good comes out when the manager decides to go into business against his artist. Unfortunately, that is the case here."

Wiz is looking to end the deal, under the California Labor Code’s seven-year rule, in addition to what Variety reports is "damages in excess of $1 million dollars, as well as punitive damages and attorney’s fees."

Grinberg, though, is disputing the claims in the suit.

“[I'm] very disappointed and surprised by [the] news," he said. "To witness an artist turn on you after supporting them for a number of years is very disheartening. This is an egregious lawsuit filled with inaccuracies, yet unfortunately people sometimes resort to these practices as a way of conducting business.”

Update, 1/6/17: Khalifa and Grinberg announced today that all disputes between them have been resolved following a joint settlement agreement. "This agreement includes the dismissal of lawsuits that each party had previously filed against each other earlier this year," they said in a statement. "Both parties are pleased with the outcome and look forward to putting this matter behind them."