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Kim Kardashian Resurrected A Very Unexpected '90s Trend

Sure. Why not.

Kim Kardashian is going all in — I mean, ALL in — with her embrace of '90s trends. Much like No. 1 choker fan Taylor Swift, Kim reintroduced the accessory into her wardrobe, but then she dared to wear something a little bolder and a lot less trendy: bike shorts.

Yes, spandex bike shorts.

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Yesterday, Kim visited Snapchat looking like she'd be ready to hop on a bike tour, if need be. While riding a bike in a studded leather jacket and stilettos might prove to be challenging and dangerous, the rest of her ~lewk~ indicates that she's ready for sports, wherever they might arise.

A lot of trends we weren't expecting to be resurrected have returned as of late — looking at you, trucker hats — so, um, it seems totally feasible that bike shorts will make a return this summer. Once they get the Taylor Swift co-sign, you know they'll stick around.