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What Ever Happened To The Click Five?

Here's what the band behind 2005's 'Just the Girl' is up to now

The Click Five came into the pop music scene in 2005 looking like a reincarnation of The Beatles, only with an all-American power-pop sound and surfer-styled swooped bangs instead of mop tops.

The group, made up mostly of Berklee College of Music students, had played local gigs in Boston together for a few years when they were scouted, signed to Atlantic Records, and paired with touring partners like Ashlee Simpson, Jesse McCartney, and The Backstreet Boys. They released their incredibly upbeat and infectious hit single "Just The Girl" in August '05. Yeah, you remember it.

The video made it to No. 4 on TRL, and the group won the "Most Viewed Band Page" on Myspace. (Those were the days.) After a switch in lead singers, a shift in sound (from power-pop to alternative rock), a sophomore album release, and a long hiatus, the group officially announced they were breaking up in 2013.

It's only been a few years since the band split, but it's been 11 years (!) since they first kidnapped our hearts (TC5 pun intended) and released their debut album, Greetings from the Imrie House. This is what the guys have been up to since The Click Five.