Crush And Squirt Are Back In A New Finding Dory Clip

It's totally sick

If you’re nervous about Finding Dory living up to the magnificence of Finding Nemo, rest assured it’ll have some of the same charm... or at least, a few of the same familiar faces.

In a new clip from the upcoming sequel, we see the return of the sickest turtles in all the sea: Crush, a spaced-out dude with the soul of a stoned California surfer, and his son, Squirt. To up the cuteness factor, there’s even an entire pod of baby turtles along for the ride. Awww.

The second new clip from the movie reveals Dory’s first encounter with Hank, a grumpy septopus who may or may not be able to help our fave amnesiatic fish bust out of a tank and find her way back to the ocean.

Finding Dory swims into theaters on June 17.