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Rihanna Celebrated The First Hot Day Of 2016 In A Very Sheer Dress

A very cool look 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

Though we're still about a month away from the ~official~ start of summer, it was 90 degrees in New York yesterday, meaning any clothing that isn't breathable will be banished to the backs of closets until late October.

One person who knows exactly what I'm talking about is Rihanna, who celebrated the season's unofficial kickoff in a sheer, lacy Gucci dress.

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I mean, talk about a breathable outfit. Rih undoubtedly felt any and all breezes, which is probably why she looks like a glowing goddess and the rest of us look, uh, not like that once temperatures go north of 65.

Should we all wear entirely sheer outfits this summer? Rihanna makes a prettttty compelling case, just saying.