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Shailene Woodley Begins Her ‘Instagram Journey’

She's back! And she's getting right down to business

Shailene Woodley isn’t known for being particularly tech-savvy -- she once told Access Hollywood that she only had a cell phone because her bosses at Lionsgate needed to reach her to film the Divergent series. But the beautiful world of filtered FOMO was apparently beckoning to Shai, because the actress has finally rejoined Instagram.

Woodley made an account a few years back, but finally started posting on Tuesday, much to the delight of her 1 million followers. Her debut pic? A brown paper bag with a handwritten note that reads, “Instagram... what’s good?!” She captioned it, “and here begins my Instagram journey. i’m going to need help. there are so many buttons and settings and options. HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!”

The 24-year-old followed up with a post that seems to encapsulate what her recent social media comeback is all about: voicing her support for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. Along with a political cartoon of the Vermont senator, she wrote a short essay about how the media needs to educate people more than it brainwashes them.

If Woodley’s recent Twitter activity is any indication, you can expect to see much, much more political coverage on her Insta. Back in March, she resurrected her Twitter account by sending her third tweet ever -- “FEELIN THE BERN! #bernie2016” -- and has flooded her timeline with Sanders support ever since.

And, because she’s Shailene Woodley, we’re guessing you’ll also see some recipes for clay-infused drinks and shots of her climbing trees or meditating in a field of sunflowers or something.